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Great excitement is mounting, and preparations are underway to launch the International Research Laboratory (IRL REHABS) at the Sustainability Research Unit (SRU) on the 6th of December 2019.  

The IRL REHABS is a consortium formally represented by the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), Nelson Mandela University SRU, and the University of Lyon 1.  The collaboration is also set to benefit from associations with the South African National Parks (SANParks), South African Environmental Observatory Network (SAEON), University of Angers in France and the French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD), who may integrate more formerly with the IRL REHABS over time.

The mission of IRL REHABS is to produce original research on ecological and socio-political processes underlying the future of ecosystems and human well-being in the Anthropocene. The focus will be on ecological adaptations to anthropogenic changes and conditions of environmental governance to maintain ecosystem integrity to ensure ecosystem services provisioning. The IRL will promote the use of inter- and trans-disciplinary research in the context of long-term social-ecological research set-ups.

As part of the launch of the IRL REHABS the SRU is hosting a visiting French delegation consisting of Professor Antoine Petit, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the CNRS, Dr Stephanie Thiebault the Director CNRS’s Institute Ecology and Environment (INEE), Leila Chabane the International Cooperation Officer from INEE.  Also joining us is Dr Patrick Nedellec the Director International Cooperation for CNRS, Amel Faredj from the International Cooperation office for Africa and Middle East (DERCI), Brigitte Perucca, the Director of CNRS Communication Department, Dr Jean-Pascal Torreton from the CNRS and representative for Sub-saharan Africa, as well as Prof Fran├žoise Grolleau the Deputy Vice Chancelor - Internationalization at the University of Angers.

The IRL REHABS will play an active role in hosting French researchers and lecturers in residence on the George Campus for long stays as well as short collaborative visits, field sessions and thematic schools.  The IRL REHABS will also promote mobility of South African and Southern African scholars in France and the emergence of a regional community of practice for long-term social-ecological research and biosphere-based sustainability.  The lab will strengthen the collaboration between the French Network of Long-term Social-Ecological Research Platforms (French LTSER - Zones Ateliers) and various long-term research sites in South Africa and in the sub-region, and hopes to engage with a new generation of thinkers and decision-makers to prepare them conceptually and methodologically for the challenges of the Anthropocene.


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