Working Towards a Community Vision for Landscape Management - Consultation Feedback

The rate of spread for invasive alien plants is greater than the current capacity for control. The increasing willingness of landowners and community members to participate in community landscape management shows potential to assist with controlling the spread of invasive plants in our area.

In 2015 the Kaaimans to Touw River Ecological Restoration Forum (KTT) hosted a community hacking day in Wilderness Heights. Interviews with participants expressed some of the following sentiments:

“The community cares about our environment”
“Supporting community projects, working together. Start small and dream big”
“Perhaps community projects could be another way of controlling IAP”

With this in mind, the Sustainability Research Unit (SRU) of Nelson Mandela University coordinated an invasive plant sharing and consultation event for the Wilderness Heights community on 29th November 2016.
The aim of the event was to share information from a local landowner’s perspective and to consult with regards to the willingness to develop a community landscape management project in the Wilderness Heights area. The following feedback reflects the results of the consultation.

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