On the 22nd of June, Prof. Richard Kingsford entertained the students of NMMU George Campuis with an impassioned lecture about his journey to restore and protect rivers in Australia.

Professor Richard Kingsford is the Director of the Centre for Ecosystem Science at the School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences of the University of NSW. He has focussed his research over about the last 20 years on the waterbirds, wetlands and rivers of arid Australia, which cover about 70% of the continent. He has identified the significant impacts of water resource development on the rivers and wetlands of the Murray-Darling Basin and other parts of the world and he has contributed to policy development and environmental flow management. He is the current President of the Society for Conservation Biology in Oceania.


Prof. Kingsford, photographed at NMMU George Campus, along with some of the students who attended his lecture.

The students thoroughly enjoyed his unique take on using the media as an ally in conservation, and want to thank Prof. Kingsford for his words of encouragement with their research journeys.