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Prof Christo Fabricius
Head: Mandela University Sustainability Research Unit (SRU)
Tel: 27 44 801 5111

SRU Coordinator
Tel: 0448015127

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Research Projects

The SRU collaborates with many institutions and gatekeepers, including the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research; University of Stellenbosch; Rhodes University and the Stockholm Resilience Centre.


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About us

The Sustainability Research Unit is home to a group of critical thinkers dedicated to promoting the sustainability and resilience of social-ecological systems. See our strategic plan here.

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The SRU is constantly embarking on academic endeavours to further various disciplines.



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Invitation to apply for postgraduate research opportunities:

The role of small towns in the evolving Southern Africa landscape. More Info


Kaaimans-to-Touw Eco-Restoration Forum

The SRU is part of a collaborative project which aims to use the area between the Kaaimans and Touw Rivers as a laboratory to learn about strategies for invasive weed management in a manner that promotes ecological restoration and green economic development.

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Garden Route Interface Meeting

19 - 20 September 2017, Pine Lake Marina, Sedgefield.

Researchers and practitioners in conservation, tourism, agriculture, forestry, coastal and catchment management are becoming progressively more aware of the interdependence of social and ecological systems. Many practitioners and researchers are seeking novel ways to study and manage social-ecological systems and wish to learn more about the interface: the meeting point of different land uses, academic disciplines, methods, world views and cultures. There is also a growing need to look into new ways to monitor long-term change in social-ecological systems, using natural laboratories such as the Garden Route. The first Garden Route Interface Meeting is being organized to further explore these challenges and opportunities.

The overall aim of the meeting is to connect research and practice to co-learn about, and promote effective management of, social-ecological systems and people-nature interactions.

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Community Projects

Working Towards a Community Vision for Landscape Management - Consultation Feedback Report. View our feedback here.

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