Participatory Monitoring of Sustainable Livelihoods
in the Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area (KAZA)


CARMa-Afrika is working with WWF Germany, the KAZA Secretariat, and Peaceparks Foundation to develop toolkits and training materials for participatory monitoring of communities’ livelihoods.



  1. Design and test a community-based socio-economic monitoring methodology for KAZA which can be carried out by the communities themselves at regular intervals
  1. In pilot areas in Zimbabwe and Zambia, provide training and support to local organizations to test and adapt the toolkit


Sustainable livelihoods framework



  • a participatory monitoring toolkit, grounded in the conceptual framework above
  • a literature collection
  • training materials
  • a community of practice that learns about participatory livelihoods monitoring

For further information: contact Dr Current Masunungure currentmasunungure(at) or Prof.