Beyond tourism – diversifying African
wildlife economies



The CARMa-Afrika team is working with WWF’s ‘Nature Pays’ project to pursue the following objectives:

1.Improve access to formal markets, enable demand & better conditions (e.g. pricing)

2.Reduce the pressure on environmental resources with a clear conservation outcome

3.Ensure conservation benefits are equitably distributed – with a particular focus on women’s economic empowerment and indigenous people, resulting in positive social impact.


Our quest is to develop a method to easily assess the long-term viability and sustainability of nature-based community enterprises. We are doing this by:


  • Reviewing availability of practicable, easy to use tools to evaluate the viability and sustainability of nature-based enterprises
  • Developing an easy-to-use evaluation system
  • Assessing and ranking potential community-based enterprises in transfrontier conservation landscapes.

The problem

  • Many livelihood diversification initiatives are being proposed
  • But their viability and sustainability are seldom systematically assessed
  • Therefore, we need a general methodology to objectively assess this


Conceptual framework

Literature collection

Mendeley database

Provisional spreadsheet model


For further information please contact the CARMa-Afrika team leader, Prof. Christo Fabricius -  christo.fabricius(at)