On the 25th and 26th of March the Water Research Commission visited the Sustainability Research Unit Team at NMMU George Campus for a strategic workshop. 

Travelling from as far as Cape Town, amongst the attendees were Jeanne Nel, Klaudia Schachtschneider and Georgina Cundill. Upon arrival and lunch at Zuchini, at Timberlake organic village, the team returned to campus for some serious discussions regarding a project to protect the Ecological Infrastructure in the Wilderness River catchment. This is done with societal and economic principles in mind, in order to achieve sustainable solutions for the community and the environment alike.

The project in question encompasses collaborating with and driving students’ research, including that of PhD student Chantel Petersen, whose research sites along Duiwe River were visited during the workshop in order to allow for some valuable feedback and participation.

Through the various sessions stakeholder engagement was identified as the current top priority. In order toensure adequate community impact of the project, steps have been taken to try increase local engagement and participation. More information about the project can be viewed here.