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Sustainability Research Unit George Campus

SRU members at PECSii Conference in Oaxaca City, Mexico, 7-10 November 2017

Five members of the SRU travelled to Oaxaca City for the second conference of the Programme on Ecosystem Change and Society (PECS - Their contributions included talks at a SRU coordinated session entitled “no more silos: re-connecting researchers, policy makers, ecosystems and society”. Christo Fabricius was the session chair and highlighted the many dimensions of silos as well as the importance for creating porous boundaries (as opposed to dismantling all silos). Lyn Snodgrass provided a conflict resolution perspective for overcoming the stifling effects of silos. Dirk Roux focussed on tacit and explicit knowledge sharing across boundaries. Chloé Guerbois talked about vulnerability transfers in change adaptations and the use of fun-mindfulness exercises and serious games to facilitate collective action among stakeholder. Bianca Currie shared insights on how social learning can serve as an approach to public participation and stakeholder engagement in environmental management. Apart from an excellent conference programme the team also enjoyed the many cultural and culinary experiences on offer in and around Oaxaca City.


Opening Ceremony of Conference                                                         Hotel Calenda where the conference was held